About Superannuation Membership application


In our Superannuation Membership sample application we included two examples: a simple 'How to join' form that would take only a few minutes to complete and a short version of a comprehensive 'Personal statement' form that a person is asked to fill in when applying for life insurance. 

Normally, depending on the role, user gets access to different parts of application, in our sample applications you can examine those roles with one login, just click on the relevant menu item.

The Superannuation Membership application is designed to be fully responsive, try it on your tablet or mobile device. Please feel free to let us know how we can improve it further.


For Applicants

As an applicant you can start the forms as anonymous user, but if you close your browsing session you will have to start from the beginning. Signed in users will be able to return to the same page of the form they were working on at any time later. This is important feature for really complex forms which are impossible to finish in one sitting.

For Business

This sample application has a basic setup for a business user to maintain and search for submissions. But it's functionality can be extended to include the processes that are in place in your organisation. As functionality is limited you don't have to be sign in.

For Developers

As signed in user you will get access to the Visual Designer and be able to examine the structure and logic of the forms. If you have Transform Engine installed you can download FAR files to deploy the forms at your site and start modifying them for your own needs.

Please contact us if you want to investigate Diagnostics or WCAG Accessibility Testing tools.

One of traditional (and outdated) interactions are paper forms, we challenge you to try us with your most complex ones,
the bigger the form the more cost effective is the process of moving it online using Transform Engine