About Product Labels application


All medicine products supplied to the market must have a label attached to the container. Labels have to be approved by relevant regulatory body as they should accurately reflect legislative requirements. The Product Labels sample application is a showcase for online collaboration between product supplier and label evaluator as part of the approval process.

Attention! For this sample application you will need to create two accounts and ask us for Supplier and Evaluator roles assigned in order to examine the respective roles. 

The Product Label application is designed to be fully responsive, try it on your tablet or mobile device. Please feel free to let us know how we can improve it further.


For Suppliers

As a product supplier you will be able to start an application for label approval, suspend it when it is not finished and you need to start another one, resume it at any time later. You have an option to write your comments (or questions) on any section. If after you submitted your label, it is returned by evaluator back to you, you will find it under Applications for Action. You don't need to start from scratch when it's returned, all information you entered will be there, as well as evaluator suggestions what's need to be adjusted. You also will have access to the list of all your submitted applications showing their status.

For Evaluators

As an evaluator you will see all submitted for approval product label applications in the Pending Review list, search for a particular application and commence the review of it. You can suspend an application you are reviewing and select and review another application from the Pending Review list. You will find your suspended applications and the one that you are working on under Current Review. You can resume any suspended application at any time, provided that you either finished review of the later or suspended it. Reviewing History list can be used for auditing as it contains all versions of all applications as they were exchanged by supplier and evaluator.

For Developers

As signed in user you will get access to the Visual Designer and be able to examine the workings of the Product Label application. If you have Transform Engine installed you can download FAR file to deploy the application at your site and start modifying it for your needs.

Please contact us if you want to investigate Diagnostics or WCAG Accessibility Testing tools.

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