About Import Approval application


Import Approval sample application demonstrates the processing of Special Circumstances Import Approval Requests. Special request approval is a fee-based service, so incorporating payment as part of the submission process is very important, see how it's done in this sample application. We also included another, among many others, great feature of Transform Engine - the ability to see a request by approver (regulator) as an applicant (importer) updates it - making live support an easy task.

If you haven't done it already create an account by clicking on Sign In icon, as an authenticated user you will get to explore all features. Normally, depending on the role, user gets access to different parts of application, in our sample applications you can examine those roles with one login, just click on the relevant menu item.

The Import Approval application is designed to be fully responsive, try it on your tablet or mobile device. Please feel free to let us know how we can improve it further.


For Importers

As an importer you will be able to start a new request. As a signed in user you don't need to finish it in one sitting, when you login next time your request will be in the same spot you left it. You can suspend your current request at any time to start a new one and then resume it at a later stage. You can download your request as a PDF file, as well as Invoice and Receipt, after you made a payment. You also can see the details of all your submitted requests.

As anonymous user you will have limited functionality.

For Regulators

As a regulator you will see details of all submitted requests, as well as requests in progress, find a request using search engine and be able to provide live support for importers by tuning into exact section they are on and give advice on how to proceed.

You have to be signed in to get access to the application as a regulator.

For Developers

As signed in user you will get access to theVisual Designer and be able to examine the components of the Request form. If you have Transform Engine installed you can download FAR file to install the application at your site and start modifying it for your needs.

Please contact us if you want to investigate Diagnostics or WCAG Accessibility Testing tools.

Is your approval process involves multiple interdependent documents and a large number of file attachments? Do you want to control which sections of submitted application can be copied into new one (we call it cloning)? These are the built-in features of TransForm Engine.