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TransForm Engine is a unique platform that provides a development and production environment for online solutions. Designed to execute intelligent, user-centric, dynamic online forms it allows to develop and run applications that transform traditional interactions into digital transactions. Using Transform Engine we built for our customers a wide range of applications, from simple Feedback to complex, with thousands of fields, forms to multi-user / multi-role collaboration applications.

We use the sample applications for demonstrations, they might require special login to showcase a feature but please feel free to try them as anonymous user.



eCareers is fully functional portal for all your online job application processing needs, from designing the job postings to compiling all submitted resumes into one document making the decision process more efficent. Highly customisable, it can be easily transformed to work in external/internal jobs mode.
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Product Labels

Labels are a key feature of most products. They help to market the product and give important messages including ingredients, instructions, uses and warnings. The Product Labels sample application is a showcase for online collaboration between product supplier and label evaluator as part of the approval process for medicine product SmartLabel.
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Superannuation Membership sample application illustrates how completing a complex form can be a simple task. As you  progress through the form only parts that are relevant to you will be presented. With the ability to switch to any section, take a break at any time, switch to another device, you can be sure the form will be as you left it, not a bit lost.
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Import Approval

The Import Approval sample application demonstrates the processing of Special Circumstances Import Approval Requests. This types of requests deal with import and use of unauthorised products and as such are subject to specific government regulations. It can be easily adapted to suit the needs of a particular country.
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